From Simpler Towards Deeper Forward Extensions

The category of forward extensions extends from gentle. restorative actions, to deep and intense asanas. This session comes after a couple of preparatory sessions, and explores deeper forward extensions, and arm balances. Those with back injuries/ weakness are advised to exercise caution in forward extensions. Level: Intermediate Duration: 75min Props: blocks and blankets are optional […]

Preparing Neck and Shoulders for Back Arches

This session involves simple actions done quite strongly, making them highly effective in maintaining pain and stress-free neck.  Most of the work in done through strong arms and shoulders.  We use this as a preparation for back arches where the neck can often end up being uncomfortable, and also test the involvement of the neck […]

Breath Experience with Soft Groins

The last session in this Short Course, is an audio-video hybrid session. The first 20 mins of this session explains the asana positions that are then used for breath exploration in the subsequent 40 mins.  The asana positions and the supports have been selected so that they either emphasize or encourage softening at the groins. […]

Back Arches: How to Warm-up, Cool Down, and Use Supports

Back arches are not just an important category in asanas, they are an invaluable part of our movement vocabulary for a healthy life. However, bending backwards is something that many of us have lost touch with in our adult lives. This session starts with a preparatory phase to prepare the arms, legs, and the back, […]

Soft and Supported Preparation for Squatting

Introduces supports/ props to keep the groins soft and supported – building up from the unsupported actions of the previous sessions. We prepare for malasana. Introduces supports/ props to access the groins – building up from the unsupported actions of the previous sessions. Level: Experienced Beginners,  Intermediate, Gentle Duration: 90min. Props needed: yoga strap, a […]

Beyond Squatting to Arm Balances and Inversions

This session goes beyond malasana (the squatting position), to integrating the ‘softness’ of the groins into arm balances and basic inversions (including a deliciously quiet supported sarvangasana with chair) Level: Intermediate Duration: 90min Props needed: 2 blocks, yoga strap, access to a wall, this session uses 3 chairs/ a combination of chairs and low tables […]

Knee Alignment: Explanations and Experiences

Basic concepts in knee alignment, how to diagnose imbalances, and to take simple corrective measures. Level: Beginner, Experienced beginners, Intermediate, Gentle Duration: 90 mins; Props needed: a yoga strap, a belt, a sturdy chair This recording is part of the following Short Courses: Short Course #1 for Knees: from Healing to Challenging (Short Course; level: […]

Short Course #1 for Knees: from Healing to Challenging (Short Course; level: Intermediate)

This Short Course on Knee awareness neatly breaks down the information packets: alignment, creating space, activating the surrounding tissue: thighs, hips and calves, dynamic weight shifts, progressive loading of the knee, going beyond flexion and extension to internal and external rotations This structure makes it easier to understand the breadth of actions in which the […]