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Course Level: Gentle

Short Course #1 for Abdomen More than ‘Core’ (Level – Gentle) Incl. FREE Session on Breath Experience in the Abdomen

2,194.00 for 1 month

The role of the abdominal area in asana and pranayama practice is much more varied, complex, and interesting, than it is in the more conventional physical exercises.  This area is rich with  musculature, organs, nerve plexi, and the more esoteric control centres.  It is recognised not just a 'structural' component whose  musculature needs to be kept toned, but also an important physiological, endocrine, nervous and emotional centre.  When a practitioner further moves on to pranayama practices, the abdominal area is regarded as a more important locus for the breath than the heart/ lung (chest) area.   Any component that is so important, is also very sensitive, and imbalances can creep in easily.  In our practice we have to balance the 'firming' and 'strengthening' aspects with the 'quietening', 'softening' and  'deflating' actions in the abdominal area.  The word 'Core' takes on a completely different meaning here!

In this series of asana classes, we explore these connections from various perspectives. This Short Course includes a FREE recording on Breath with focus on the abdominal region.

Part1: Abdominal Engagement and a Healthy Back (Level Gentle) - Exploring the role of the abdominal area in maintaining healthy back

Part2: Use of Abdomen in Supported Twists - integrating abdominal actions in twists

Part 3 - Relief from Abdominal Heaviness (Level Experienced Beginner) - A sequence to relieve abdominal heaviness/sluggishness, this is a mix of active and passive positions.

Part 4 – Abdomen Use in Asana - Experience of the Breath (FREE Recording)

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