Breath Supporting Arm Actions to Lift up to Inversions

This session builds up on the previous sessions and it is expected that the left up to headstand (Sirsasana) and shoulderstand (Sarvangasana) will be relatively effortless without requiring too much active preparation. Instead, this session focusses on the breath as a consolidating force Level: Intermediate Duration: 60 mins. Props needed: blocks, bolster, belt, blankets This […]

Upper Back Health through Forward Extensions

Often forward bends are contra-indicated in cases of back injury.  The thoracic vertebrae of the upper back are the ones that are the stiffest for most people.  In fact, it is this stiffness in the upper back that contributes to imbalance and pain that manifests in the lower back. In this session we use intermediate […]

Hip Stiffness: Deep Dive into Baddhakonasana

Stiff/ ‘tight’ hips, are connected to lower back pain, wearing out of the hip socket, arthritis of the knee, menstrual discomfort etc. To maintain the overall health of the hips, it is important to include many kinds of hip actions in our practice.  Asanas like baddhakonasana and supta baddhakonsasana, upavistakonasana and padmasana, are often referred […]

Parivrtta Trikonasana: a Gentle Entry

Parivrtta trikonanasa – a standing, twisting, forward extending and balancing position. Naturally, this is not an easy position to access for older practitioners, or for those in a debilitated state. This session prepares for a supported parivrtta trikonasana after ample preparations – again using supports. Level: Gentle Duration: 90 min. Props needed: a couple of […]

Experience of Breath in the Head and Face Areas

This is an audio/ video hybrid session.  The first part is an active asana segment to stabilise the body, and the mind.  In the second half of the session, we practice breath awareness with the head and the face region in focus. Level: Intermediate Duration: 60 min. Props needed: a sturdy chair, a strap, a […]

Preparing for Backbends

Supported back arches interspersed with asanas to release the back in case of any strain.  A good session to start building confidence with back arches, that provides ample opportunity for self-assessment, for doing, releasing, backing-off, and progressing. Level: Gentle, Experienced Beginner Duration: 90 min Props needed: 2 blocks, yoga strap, a sturdy chair, access to […]