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Respiratory Health (Short Course; suitable for newcomers) (FREE Resource)

Set of bite-sized video tutorials to improve respiration in case of respiratory distress. Such distress can be due to chronic conditions like asthma. This positions have also been found to be extremely beneficial in cases of Covid at the recovery stage, and when symptoms are mild.
These videos are suitable for newcomers with not much experience of yoga. Please note the following guidelines:

  • Please watch the brief Introductory Video before trying out the positions in the tutorials
  • The positions in these videos are meant to be held restfully for longer durations (2-5 minutes or even longer depending upon capacity).
  • The use of supports/props makes possible long holds in supported positions. Household object may easily be brought together as support/ props.
  • We have done our best to simplify the positions. If you are a newcomer, some of these positions may be difficult to execute, or to understand. If this happens, you can try a couple of shorter holds to gain familiarity and comfort with the positions, or just skip to the next position.

FREE Resources are available to everyone without payment and without logging in. Click on the video to play it.

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